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GoSublime Changelog


This release contains a number of features and bug fixes that have been worked on over the last few months. You will need to restart Sublime Text for all changes to take effect

  • Add new GoCmd{} option Humanize to make go test and go re/play (in test mdoe) output more readable (using
    • large numbers are split up using commas
    • 123456 ns/op is converted to µs/op, etc.
    • 123456 B/op is converted to KiB/op, etc. To enabled it, use: &golang.GoCmd{ Humanize: true, } e.g. output: goos: linux goarch: amd64 pkg: BenchmarkPoke/Miss-8 388,868 2.952 µs/op BenchmarkPoke/Hit-8 1,739,704 684 ns/op PASS Known bugs:
    • The output fields are not aligned
  • Add new reducer golang.GoGenerate It adds a UserCmd (cord ctrl/cmd+.,ctrl/cmd+.c) named Go Generate that calls go generate in the closest go package (current dir or parent dirs). It can be enabled with: &golang.GoGenerate{ Args: []string{"-v", "-x"}, },
  • Auto-completion now works when the line ends with a dot (.)
  • Add new reducer golang.AsmFmt It does code fmt'ing for .s files using It formats .s files when they are saved, or the fmt cord ctrl+.,ctrl.f is pressed.
  • Add new reducer &web.Prettier{} It does code fmt'ing using By default It fmt's CSS, HTML, JS, JSON, JSX, SVG, TS, TSX and XML files. To specify the list of langs to fmt set the Langs field: &web.Prettier{ // Langs: []mg.Lang{mg.JS}, // only fmt .js files Langs: web.PrettierDefaultLangs, }, You might also need to import "". You will need to install prettier separately.
  • Add new Lang constants: mg.HTML, mg.SVG and mg.XML
  • Add mgutil.SplitWriter a writer that writes to an underlying writer in split chunks e.g. lines somewhat similar to bufio.scanner
  • and go.replay (cord ctrl/cmd+.,ctrl/cmd+r) now works in in unsaved _test.go files.
  • go.replay now runs the Benchmark* func surrounding the cursor. Compared to ctrl/cmd+shift+left-click, it also runs tests. Known bugs:
    • It currently ignores the TestArgs and BenchmarkArgs options of the golang.TestCmds reducer.
  • mg.CmdCtx supports a new option Verbose, When cx.Verbose = truethe commands that are run are printed to the output prefixed with #. e.g. output: replay | done
    # go test -test.bench=^BenchmarkPoke$
    goos: linux
    It's enabled for and go.replay (cord ctrl/cmd+.,ctrl/cmd+r).
  • Issues without a valid tag are now defaulted to mg.Error instead of being ignored. This fixes some cases where the error palette shows errors, but the status and HUD doesn't.
  • Fix some cases where issues are reported in the wrong file or incorrectly anchored to the current file.
  • goutil.IsPkgDir() and other functions now use the VFS, so should touch the disk less.


This release fixes a couple bugs:

  • GO111MODULE=off is set after building, in cases where GO111MODULE wasn't already set by the user.
  • An update message is shown even when the local GoSublime version is greater than that reported by the server.


This release fixes a margo build failure when upgrading to go1.14.


This release focuses on fixing a performance issue due to a failure to resetting all cached data prematurely.

  • Cache some files in memory to avoid re-reading from disk every time.
  • The &nodejs.PackageScripts{} reducer now uses yarn instead of npm if the yarn.lock file is present.


This release mainly focuses on under-the-hood improvements for module support.

  • The default auto-completion import mode has been changed to Kim-Porter, our solution for auto-completion and package/module going forward. One side-effect of this change is that unimported-packages support is less reliable but we feel this is a small drawback when compared to the much improved auto-completion support. We plan to remove support for switching import modes in the future, but if you would like to revert to the previous default (bearing in mind auto-completion might stop working), configure the MarGocodeCtl reducer as follows:
          ImporterMode: golang.SrcImporterWithFallback,
  • The Go/TypeCheck linter is now more complete and should be able to type-check (without failure) all packages for which auto-completion is available. This linter offers typechecking (like the gotype tool) but can work on unsaved files and while you type and is faster a full go install lint. To enable add the following reducer to your margo.go file:
  • Some HTTP handler snippets have been added and are offered in files that import "net/http".


  • API BREAKAGE: ParseWithMode and ParseWithMode now takes a *mg.Ctx instead of a mg.KVStore.
  • Add experimental support for auto-completion and type-checking in go modules.
  • Add experimental reducer &golang.TypeCheck{}. It's a linter that does a full type-check as you type (even in unsaved files). It can be thought of as a replacement for the gotype binary of old. NOTE: This is purely an experiment used primarily for testing the package importer and type-checking and will probably break randomly, if it works at all. With that said, the plan is to clean it up and develop it further in the future.
  • The Ariana color scheme has been tweaked to improve readability.
  • Add a prefix to status items and reduce the space between them.
  • Add langs mg.GoMod and mg.GoSum for go.mod and go.sum files, respectively. For convenience, goutil.Langs now holds the list of all Go-related langs and Go linters are now available in go.mod and go.sum.
  • The tasks count styled has been changed to Tasks ➊➋➌. The status animates between Tasks ➊➋➌ and Tasks ➀➁➂ while there are tasks less than 16s old.
  • The issue count styled has been changed to Error ➊ꞏ🄋. NOTE: The meanings of the numbers have been reverted. Previously, given 1/2 Errors, there was 1 issue with tag Error in this view, and there was a total 2 errors in all views. The new meanings Error ➊ꞏ🄋 is: ➊ is the number issues in the current view and 🄋 is the number issues in other views. Only first number is highlighted if there are issues in the current view. Likewise, when there are issues, but none in the current view, only the second number is highlighted.
  • Don't show the func prefix in the calltip status. The parens already make it obviously a function.


  • Fix a deadlock/freeze (seen on Mac OS) when starting up with multiple windows open.
  • Fix an issue where the active window loses focus when starting up.


This release introduces the HUD and comes with many improvements to snippets and a tweaked version of the Mariana color schemed named Ariana.

  • The HUD is an output panel that's automatically populated with info traditionally found in the status bar and various pop-ups/tool-tips. Currently, the following info will be displayed there:
    • The Issues status, including the error messages for the current line.
    • The GocodeCalltips status, including positional highlighting of params and return statement. It's bound to the keys ctrl+.,ctrl+0. You can manually bind it to another key. e.g. via Preferences > Key Bindings:
        "keys": ["ctrl+0"],
        "command": "margo_show_hud",
  • Several new snippets have been added and old ones improved.
    • AppendSnippet: name = | suggests:
      • name = append(name, ...)
      • slice = append(slice[:len(slice):len(slice)], ...)
    • DeferSnippet:
      • defer func() {}()
      • defer f()
    • ReturnSnippet:
      • return
    • MutexSnippet: mu.| suggests:
      • mu.Lock(); defer mu.Unlock(); |
      • mu.Lock(); |; mu.Unlock()
    • PackageNameSnippet:
      • package main; func main() { | }
    • DocSnippet: suggest function names, field names, etc. inside the corresponding documentation comment
  • Fix the golang.Gocode{} reducer changing View.Pos
  • The (Add)UnimportedPackages feature no longer adds circular imports
  • Show the tasks animation after 500ms instead of 1s to (hopefully) make things feel more responsive
  • GOROOT and GOPATH are scanned in parallel at startup
  • All packages in GOROOT and GOPATH are available for the unimported packages feature, not just those in GOROOT and the package cache.
  • Add better named alias pkg-list for unimported-packages and show the directory where the package is
  • API BREAKAGE: Most users should not be affected, but there were some API changes/breakages.
    • removed CursorScope.Any and CursorScope.All
    • make CursorCtx.Pos the int offset instead of token.Pos
    • CursorNode and ParseCursorNode were removed
    • CursorCtx.Ctx is no longer embedded


  • Fix UnimportedPackages support for stdlib packages in go1.10 and earlier versions.


  • API BREAKAGE: Rename mg.Reducer.Reducer* to mg.Reducer.R*. Most users should be unaffected. If you've called any of these methods directly, you will need to rename the following method calls:
    • ReducerLabel -> RLabel
    • ReducerInit -> RInit
    • ReducerConfig -> RConfig
    • ReducerCond -> RCond
    • ReducerMount -> RMount
    • Reducerduce -> Rduce
    • ReducerUnmount -> RUnmount
  • API BREAKAGE: mg.RunCmdData has been un-exported
  • The following fields in the &golang.GoCode{} and &golang.GocodeCalltips{} reducers are now ignored.
    • Source: this is now the default
    • ProposeBuiltins: this is now the default
    • ProposeTests: use &golang.MarGocodeCtl{}
    • Autobuild: we now use the source code so there are no plans to implement this
    • UnimportedPackages: this is now the default See &golang.MarGocodeCtl{} (below).
  • Add support for 'unimported' packages.
    • auto-completing json. will now try to import encoding/json
    • known bugs: when adding the import, the view will scroll
    • known limitation: we don't scan GOPATH and we don't support the vendor directory Use NoUnimportedPackages (below) to disable this.
  • Add support for preloading imported packages when a view is activated.
    • This aims to keep the cache warm to speed up auto-completion. Use NoPreloading (below) to disable this.
  • Add support for adding unimported packages to the file.
    • Use AddUnimportedPackages (below) to enabled this
  • All the above can be configured using the &golang.MarGocodeCtl{} reducer
      // whether or not to include Test*, Benchmark* and Example* functions in the auto-completion list
      // gs: this replaces the `autocomplete_tests` setting
      ProposeTests: false,
      // Don't try to automatically import packages when auto-compeltion fails
      // e.g. when `json.` is typed, if auto-complete fails
      // "encoding/json" is imported and auto-complete attempted on that package instead
      // See AddUnimportedPackages
      NoUnimportedPackages: false,
      // If a package was imported internally for use in auto-completion,
      // insert it in the source code
      // See NoUnimportedPackages
      // e.g. after `json.` is typed, `import "encoding/json"` added to the code
      AddUnimportedPackages: false,
      // Don't preload packages to speed up auto-completion, etc.
      NoPreloading: false,
      // Don't suggest builtin types and functions
      // gs: this replaces the `autocomplete_builtins` setting
      NoBuiltins: false,
  • Add new lang conststants for mg.JSX, mg.TS, mg.TSX and rename R to Rlang
  • Don't treat an empty non-nil slice as matching in LangIs() and ActionIs()
  • Fix an infinite loop when auto-completing inside packages with cyclic dependencies


  • restore support for running individual test functions by pressing ctrl+.,ctrl+g or ctrl+shift + left/right-click on the function declaration's name
  • add support for having multiple builtins with the same name
  • API breakage: mg.ExecRunFunc() was replaced with the pattern CmdCtx.WithCmd().Run() the former bypasses builtins so running go install has no linting support


  • Improve autocompletion scope detection
    • snippets should now the shown when there is a comment above the package statement
    • completion should no longer be shown when there is no package statement
  • misc tweaks to the method snippets
    • for pointer method receivers, only the * is selected for the initial method definition
    • when there are syntax errors in the file, methods should no longer be suggested for the invalid type _


  • Switch golang.Gocode and golang.GocodeCalltips to new mode SrcImporterWithFallback by default This should improve the experience a lot:
    • in the old Source: true mode, CGO packages often failed
    • in the old Source: false mode, you had to make sure the package was installed and up-to-date
    • in this new mode, we try the more reliable source mode and fallback to the binary mode if it fails As a result, the Source: bool fields are now ignored. To restore the old behaviour, use the golang.MarGocodeCtl reducer:
      ImporterMode: golang.SrcImporterOnly,
      // or
      ImporterMode: golang.BinImporterOnly,
  • replace margocodectl cache-list-by-key and cache-list-by-dur with cache-list see margocodectl cache-list --help
  • Improve FmtCmd's error message When goimports fails due to a syntax error, the parse error should now be shown as well and not just the meaningless exit 2 error message


  • fix a case where margo exits due to IPC shutdown you will need to restart Sublime Text
  • return all possible completions in gocode to allow the editor to do filtering. this restores the old behaviour where typing abc.X proposes abc.XYX123


  • This release adds a new experimental update notifier. MOTD keeps you updated about new versions and important announcements It adds a new command motd.sync available via the UserCmd palette as Sync MOTD Interval can be set in order to enable automatic update fetching. When new updates are found, it displays the message in the status bar e.g. ★ ★ a url where you see the upcoming changes before updating It sends the following data to the url
    • current editor plugin name e.g. ?client=gosublime this tells us which editor plugin's changelog to check
    • current editor plugin version e.g. ?tag=r18.09.14-1 this allows us to determine if there any updates
    • whether or not this is the first request of the day e.g. ?firstHit=1 this allows us to get an estimated count of active users without storing any personally identifiable data No other data is sent. For more info contact privacy at To enabled it, add the following reducer:
      // Interval, if set, specifies how often to automatically fetch messages from Endpoint
      // Interval: 3600e9, // automatically fetch updates every hour
    You will need to restart Sublime Text. Unless you uncomment/set Interval, you will need to manually check for updates using the Sync MOTD command from the usercmd palette ctrl+.,ctrl+c / super+.,super+c
  • The GoSublime: Go syntax was switched to a new syntax based on the Go syntax shipped in Sublime Text
    • if you find any breakages, please file an issue at
    • if you prefer the colouring of the previous version, you can switch back to the old syntax via Menu > View > Syntax > Open all with current extension as... > GoSublime > GoSublime: Go (Deprecated) please not that this version is buggy and will not receive any fixes
  • golang.Gocode, golang.GocodeCalltips:
    • reduce memory use with Source: true
    • support syscall/js
  • golang.Guru gained support for syscall/js guru is now called with -tags "js wasm" if syscall/js is imported in the package


  • Switch the ctrl+.,ctrl+t / cmd+.,cmd+t keybinding to the new &golang.TestCmds{} reducer:
      // additional args to add to the command when running tests and examples
      TestArgs: []string{},
      // additional args to add to the command when running benchmarks
      BenchArgs: []string{"-benchmem"},


  • implement more aggressive gocode caching. behind the scenes, imported/type-checked packages are cached until the respective package is edited.
    • it should now be ok to use Source: true option without slowdowns.
    • as a bonus, go modules should now have completion with Source: true
    • please note that Source: true uses a lot more memory (see below for details about cache pruning)
    • if both &golang.Gocode{Source: true} and &golang.GocodeCalltips{Source: true} use Source: true, they will share the cache (less memory use)
  • add new reducer &golang.MarGocodeCtl{} this allows manual cache management using the new margocodectl command
    • to clear the cache use the command margocodectl cache-prune run margocodectl for info about how to use the command
    • automated cache pruning will be implemented in the future


  • merge all shell env vars named ^(MARGO|GO|CGO)\w+ into the GoSublime environment this ensures new env vars like GOPROXY and GO111MODULE work correctly
  • try to prevent GO111MODULE leaking into the agent build process
  • add support for UserCmd prompts this enables the creation of UserCmds like the following, without dedicated support from margo:
      Title:   "GoRename",
      Name:    "gorename",
      Args:    []string{"-offset={{.View.Filename}}:#{{.View.Pos}}", "-to={{index .Prompts 0}}"},
      Prompts: []string{"New Name"},
  • fix #853 a build failure when using snap packaged go1.10
  • fix caching of packages in GOPATH when doing gocode completion this might slow completion, but there should no longer be any stale non-GOROOT package completions
  • add new Source option to use source code for gocode completions this will most likely be very slow
    &golang.Gocode{ Source: true }
    &golang.GocodeCalltips{ Source: true }


  • fix missing go command integration by default
  • you may need to add the reducer &golang.GoCmd{}
  • this adds new commands (callable through 9o):
    • go: Wrapper around the go command, adding linter support
    • Automatically build and run go commands or run go test for packages with support for linting and unsaved files
    • go.replay: Wrapper around limited to a single instance by default this command is bound to ctrl+.,ctrl+r or cmd+.,cmd+r UserCmds (ctrl+.,ctrl+c / cmd+.,cmd+c) are also added for Go Play and Go RePlay