Keeping up-to-date with GoSublime releases
Posted 2018/09/29 20:00

GoSublime 18.09.14 adds a new experimental update notifier mg.MOTD.

When new updates are found, it displays a message in the status bar e.g. ★ ★ — a url where you can see the upcoming changes before updating

To enabled it, add the following reducer:

	// Interval, if set, specifies how often to automatically fetch messages from Endpoint
	// Interval: 3600e9, // automatically fetch updates every hour

You can have it automatically check for updates by un-commenting and/or setting Interval.
Alternatively you can manually run the new command motd.sync which is available via the UserCmd palette as Sync MOTD.
You can access these commands by pressing ctrl+.,ctrl+c / super+.,super+c

It sends the following data to the url
  • current editor plugin name e.g. ?client=gosublime — this tells us which editor plugin's changelog to check
  • current editor plugin version e.g. ?tag=18.09.14-1 — this allows us to determine if there are any updates
  • whether or not this is the first request of the day e.g. ?firstHit=1 — this allows us to get an estimated count of active users without storing any personally identifiable data
  • No other data is sent. For more info contact [email protected]